Privacy Policy

(General Provisions)

  1. Aristotle Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), which operates “Smawell” (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”), a specific health guidance support service, respects the privacy of users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) of the Service and pays careful attention to the management of Users’ personal information.
  2. As a business operator handling personal information as stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Law, we handle personal information obtained from users in an appropriate manner in compliance with laws, regulations, and other rules regarding the protection of personal information.
  3. The Company has established the following policy for the appropriate protection and handling of personal information obtained from Users, and will make continuous and permanent efforts to establish a system for the protection of personal information and to educate our employees.


(Definition of Terms)

  1. All terms used in this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) shall have the same meaning as defined in the “Personal Information Protection Law”.


(Acquisition of Personal Information)

  1. The Company will acquire personal information by legal and fair means, and will not acquire it illegally against the User’s will.
  2. The Company will notify the user in advance of the purpose of use of personal information, or publicly announce such purpose.


(Regarding the use of access logs, IP addresses, etc. by the Company)

  1. The Company may obtain information regarding user privacy (hereinafter referred to as ” Privacy Information”) from access logs and IP addresses. In such cases, the Company may use the Privacy Information without limitation in a format that does not identify individuals and that cannot be queried or matched with personal information.


(Purpose of use of personal information)

  1. The Company use personal information obtained from Users for the purpose of operating the Service and other services operated by us. The purposes of use are as follows.

(1) To make important communications regarding the provision of our services, etc.

(2) To respond to inquiries, etc.

(3) To issue instructions for improvement, warnings, etc. concerning violations of the Terms and Service, etc.

(4) To analyze the acquired information such as browsing history and purchase history, and to create statistical data for marketing, sales promotion, and product planning.

(5) To send catalogs, gifts, and other information regarding our services.

(6) To confirm the identity of the applicant when disclosing, changing, adding, or deleting registered information.

(7) To perform contract procedures, User management, and related tasks.

(8) To confirm the identity of Users when disclosing, changing, adding, or deleting registered information.

(9) To issue accounts for our services and to provide various notifications.

(10) To survey the usage of our services, etc. by Users for the purpose of improving our services, etc., considering, researching, and developing new services, etc., to create statistical data, and to survey the volume of network communications related to our services, etc.

(11) To develop, repair, and maintain systems necessary for the provision of our services, etc.

(12) To conduct questionnaires regarding our services (including new services, etc. to be provided in the future and new plans under consideration), etc.

(13) To process billing and ship products related to our services, etc., or to conduct drawings for campaigns, etc.

(14) To provide functions to improve User convenience, such as recommendations using log information on the user’s situation and our services, etc.

(15) To investigate, report, or contact you when necessary to ensure the security of our services, etc., or in the event of an incident or accident.

(16) To prevent unauthorized use of our services, etc., to identify the relevant actors, to respond to such acts, and to handle any other disputes or problems related to our services, etc.

(17) To prevent and investigate fraud, cyber-attacks, and other illegal or unauthorized activities, to identify the relevant actors, and to respond to such activities

(18) For the development, consideration and research of services (including new services, etc. to be provided in the future), etc. by the Company.

(19) To respond to opinions and inquiries regarding the Company or the Company’s services, etc., and to correct or update information regarding the Company’s services, etc. or users.


(Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)

  1. The Company will not disclose or provide personal information obtained to third parties without the consent of the user in question, except in the following cases.

(1) When disclosure or provision is permitted by law.

(2) When disclosure or provision is required by law.

(3) When all or part of the operations related to the handling of personal information is outsourced within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use.

(4) When disclosure is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the User.

(5) When it is especially necessary to improve public health or to promote the sound growth of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the User.

(6) When it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, a local government, or an individual or entity entrusted by either a national agency or local government to execute affairs prescribed by law, and obtaining the User’s consent may impede the execution of such affairs.

(7) In the event of business succession due to merger or other reasons.


(Safety Control Measures)

  1. The Company has established and maintained a basic policy for the protection of personal information against risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information, and have taken reasonable security and preventive measures in terms of technical, physical, and organizational aspects. In addition, the Company has implemented appropriate supervision of contractors and employees who handle personal information, and when personal information is handled in foreign countries, the Company takes appropriate safety control measures based on our understanding of the systems for the protection of personal information in those countries.


(Handling of Apple HealthKit Framework and Google Fit)

  1. The Company obtains the following information through the HealthKit framework provided by Apple Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ” Apple”) and Google Fit provided by Google LLC(hereinafter referred to as ” Google “).

「Steps taken manually or automatically via compatible devices.」

・The data obtained through HealthKit and Google Fit will be handled in accordance with the terms and conditions of Apple and Google.

・The Company will not use the information obtained through the use of HealthKit and Google Fit for the delivery of advertisements or similar services.

・The Company will not disclose information obtained through HealthKit and Google Fit to third parties without User’s express consent.

・We will not sell information obtained through HealthKit or Google Fit to advertising platforms or data brokers.

・When the Company does use information obtained through HealthKit and Google Fit, the Company will clearly disclose how we will use it.

・When the Company uses or transfers information received from Google APIs to other applications, the Company will comply with the Google API Services User Data Policy, including any usage restriction requirements.


(Response to Inquiries, etc. by Users)

  1. When a User requests an inquiry, correction, addition, or deletion of personal information, the Company will confirm the identity of the user in a manner determined by us, and respond to the inquiry, etc. only after confirming the identity of the user.


(Use of Analytic Tools, etc.)

  1. The Company collects privacy information through the use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics.
  2. Users may reject the Company’s collection of privacy information by such means as 1) disabling cookies in their browser settings, 2) opting out of the web pages associated with the respective analysis tools, etc.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user, such as the inability to view certain information due to changes in the settings.


(Changes to the Purposes of Use, etc.)

  1. Changes to this policy, including the purpose of use of personal information, shall become effective when the revised privacy policy is posted on the website or application for this service.



  1. The Company shall not be liable for any unauthorized access, hacking, viruses, or other unauthorized acquisition of the User’s personal information by a third party, nor shall the Company be liable for any such leakage.
  2. The Company is not responsible for the privacy protection at third party websites linked to our website for this service.


(Person responsible for management and contact for inquiries)

  1. The Company has appointed the following individuals to be responsible for the management of personal information, and are implementing the appropriate management of personal information and the continuous improvement of measures for the protection of personal information. Inquiries regarding personal information should also be directed here.



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(Supplementary Provisions)

The Company’s Privacy Policy shall apply to all matters not set forth in this Policy.




[Established: January 10, 2024]